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25 Partners

We partner with 25 different organizations to create accessible and relevant ways to read, hear or see God’s Word.

323 Teams

We have sent over 300 teams around the world armed with the Word of God to see transformation in the nations.

2,924,900 Bibles

We have distributed nearly 3 million Bibles. That’s nearly 15 million people that now have access to the Word of God!

109 Languages

We have translated or distributed the Bible in more that 100 different languages. Giving people access to God’s Word in their mother tongue for the first time!

64 Nations

We have translation and distribution efforts in over 60 countries around the globe.

60 Hubs

We have bases around the world that dedicate a significant portion of their time and energy to see the Bible in every home.

Our Partners


You can be involved in ending Bible poverty.
Find an opportunity that’s right for you.


We empower people to pray for the Bibleless. We offer training materials, informational prayer guides and in-person and digital prayer meetings.


Over 1,000 languages still do not have a single portion of the Bible. We offer training to teach you how to become an Oral Bible Translation Facilitator. Together, we can see all languages translated!


Countless people live without the Word of God, even after a translation has been completed. Join us in bringing the Bible to the least-serviced people, and see how God’s Word transforms lives.