BPI Data

BPI Language List

A list of world languages classified by nation and Bible Poverty Index rating.


Interactive Language Map

View languages and BPI by Omega Zone. Also allows you to download lists of languages by Omega Zone(s).

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BPI Infographics

View language and BPI statistics in this interactive Tableau infographics interface.

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The Bible Poverty Index (BPI) is a classification system used to measure the progress of Bible engagement in a language. With the BPI, each language can be viewed according to it's Bible translation, publication, distribution, and engagement status. The two primary goals are to have ZERO languages in the "No Bible" category, and to have EVERY language in the "Engagement" category.

Data factors feeding into the list include: Bible translation progress, including Full, New Testament, or Portions completed; print, audio, video, and digital formats; Jesus Film translations; and likelihood of engagement of official language by country. Sources for the BPI list include: International Mission Board, Joshua Project, JesusFilm, Finishing the Task, Progress.Bible (SIL), eBible, Faith Comes By Hearing, and 4K Mapping (YWAM).